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POS Development: The right way

Daniel Rodríguez,

Being a software developer can be complicated, not only for the hard problems to solve, but for the work environment. With so few of us being exempt of investing half a day on a desktop, drifting the finger tips from keyboard to keyboard and entangled in all the wires, at CloudWalk we've invested our effort to do better for you.

We have developed a web IDE where you can code, share and emulate your payment applications or any other project involving a POS terminal, so you can go anywhere contributing as if you were there at the office.

CloudWalk IDE

As a gift for your interest, we've provided you with free access to our systems, simply sign up to start this journey. Before getting to play with all our tools, we strongly recommend you to make a visit to our documentation, starting from the introduction. No need to hurry, we'll cover some of the important aspects here.

Create a new app

Once you've gotten access to our Manager, go to the Apps section and click New Application, enter a Name, a Description, a Label and click on Register Application. It will be available in the Apps section with the little information you provided. Now click on Source Code to open our development environment.

CloudWalk IDE

The IDE will be empty, but the interface will be there ready to empower you. Let's fill the big text field with a simple code taken from our docs. Pick any command, click on it and look for a code example, we'll go with the print command. This code example is really really simple:

<print message="Using PRINT" />
<waitkey />

Chat, real-time collaboration and emulation

A common application might be a hundred lines longer, but for the moment imagine that's the cool app you've been working on. Time to share it with a co-worker, right? Invite him to your account so he can access to the same document and after he logs in, share with him the URL of the IDE that you have open. As simple as that, your co-worker, at any part of the world, will be editing the same project at the same time. What about a little chat then? Simply go to the Chat section in the IDE and you both can start chatting:

CloudWalk IDE

Now that you've interacted with your team over the new product, it's time to test it out! Simply go to the Emulator section, you'll see a very simple display of a POS terminal, click POWER and your app will be built and emulated!

The CloudWalk team is happy to provide you with a set of tools and systems carefully made to simplify your developing experience, so you can give the maximum of your efforts to the most important issue: delivering the payment solutions for your business.

About the author

Daniel is a multinational problem solver and proud member of the CloudWalk team, his expertise stands out when he faces projects that use technologies such as Go and NodeJS, he's really curious about geo-politics and sometimes he draws doodles.