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Who is CloudWalk?

David Kelleher,

Not many people know this, but point-of-sale (POS) terminals are miniatures of real computers with memory, CPU, screen, keyboard, printer, etc., and in general these devices are completely underused. With CloudWalk their full power is unleashed, and they can be configured and programmed to do pretty much anything.

POS Terminal

CloudWalk is a hardware agnostic payments application development platform and hosting service that allows rapid prototyping, development, emulation and deployment of POS payments applications, including other applications such as private label, ticketing, vouchers and many more business specific applications.


It supports a proprietary embedded device framework and posxml programming language (runtime) that is both Visa & MasterCard certified and running in production today on both Verifone and Ingenico POS terminals. Also supported is the Ruby platform (mRuby), which allows customers to develop applications using the Ruby programming language for POS terminals (PAX).

The platform supports live transactional data monitoring including an artificial intelligence engine that monitors transactions in real-time checking for anomalies and notifying discrepancies in normal transaction trends, thus reinforcing the overall integrity of the platform. The platform also supports automatic update and push notifications, all of which is fully configurable through the CloudWalk Manager.

Other features of the CloudWalk Manager include secure access (two-factor authentication and RBAC model) and control over your applications, devices and account statistics.

In essence, regardless of the payment device, Ingenico, Verifone, PAX, Panasonic, or any other future device type or brand, all EMV terminals can be managed and monitored in one place. CloudWalk provides full visibility and control over your payment devices.


CloudWalk’s platform is fully compliant, secure and certified to payment industry standards including PCI-DSS, PA-DSS and EMV.


CloudWalk is based in Silicon Valley California, USA, with offices in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and Toronto, Canada.

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David Kelleher is originally from Ireland, but now living and working in Sao Paulo since early 2014. He is Project Owner at CloudWalk with extensive experience in enterprise IT service management.