CloudWalk Framework - Ingenico Tetra - 6.1.0

Change effective on

Minor release with some bug fixes and the first stable and tested version.

Release Notes

  • Bug fix remove compilation flag -fstack-protector-all to avoid terminal reboot after unzip process, it’s a protection against stack overflow, but as the miniz(unzip) is being running safely for years we will remove that protection for now;
  • Fixed bug that was causing the read of magnetic cards get stuck. In some cases after swipe a card, with a track malformed, the handle needs to be close.

How to update

To update your terminal to the latest version execute:

  • Press menu button (F, Dot key, Menu key)
  • Press 1. CLOUDWALK
  • Press 3. SYSTEM UPDATE

If you prefer manually download, install and setup CloudWalk Framework checkout the documentation: