CloudWalk Framework - PAX Prolin - 6.1.0

Change effective on

Minor release to fix non blocking communication process and Mifare API update.

Release Notes

  • Update mruby-pax
    • Define Platform as PAX class to cover mruby-da-funk interface;
    • Return SAK at MifareCard::uid;
  • Update mruby-context
    • Fix ConnectionManagement hierarchy class call;
    • Fix ThreadSchedule cache at ThreadSchedule::command return;
  • Update main (2.1.0)
    • Remove backlight control in thread;
    • Remove notification handler on communication thread;
    • Update status bar updating period from 400 to 1000ms;
    • Adopt custom notification handle at main thread;
    • Fix ThreadScheduler command cache always returning the vale to key value structure;
    • Fix fallback communication in thread communication;
    • At ThreadChannel handler loop only communicate if string is given;
    • Change strategy to thread spawn at thread scheduler to avoid missing loaded libs as da_funk execute create eval string in other scope.

How to update

To update your terminal to the latest version execute:

  • Press menu button (F1 or FUNC)
  • Press 1. CLOUDWALK
  • Press 3. SYSTEM UPDATE

If you prefer manually download, install and setup CloudWalk Framework checkout the documentation: