CloudWalk Framework - PAX Prolin - 6.2.0

Change effective on

Minor release to ajusts and fixes on non blocking communication process.

Release Notes

  • Update mruby-context
    • Add support to Platform boot on ruby setup;
    • Support timeout in CommunicationChannel::handshake?;
    • CommunicationChannel do not set PaymentChannel client;
    • Implement CommunicationChannel commands: handshake, connect, handshake_response;
  • Update main (2.1.1)
    • Increased timeout on loop getc;
  • Update main (2.1.2)
    • Check if threads were created to stop them at ThreadScheduler;
    • ThreadScheduler only start status bar if applicable;
    • Support payment channel connect between threads;
    • Remove countdown menu from payment channel handler because this handler is being handle in thread;
    • Refactoring main execution parser;
  • Update main (2.1.3)
    • Update da_funk (2.0.1)
      • Add support to create and close PaymentChannel from CommunicationChannel;
    • Update funky-emv (0.20.0)
      • Added FunkyEmv Ui to display remove card message;
  • Update main (2.1.4)
    • Update posxml_parser (2.8.4)
      • Return PaymentChannel status when read cw_payment_channel.dat.

How to update

To update your terminal to the latest version execute:

  • Press menu button (F1 or FUNC)
  • Press 1. CLOUDWALK
  • Press 3. SYSTEM UPDATE

If you prefer manually download, install and setup CloudWalk Framework checkout the documentation: