Accept any form of payment

Own the most secure device that can accept any form of payment, including mag stripe, chip card, contact-less and mobile.

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Democratizing Payments

Choose any payment technology that fits your business. After all, it is your business, your device and your terms.


Simplified pricing

Simple and flexible pricing, as it should always be: per transaction fee and per month service fee. FREE hardware with no hidden costs.

Cc chip

Credit and debit transactions

Accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express (chip or mag stripe) as well as contact-less payments such as Apple Pay and Google Wallet all in one device.

Bitcoin app

Go beyond payments

Simply enable other applications from our Marketplace and do more with your device. Enable applications such as Bitcoin, Loyalty and Gift Cards.

Be ready for the liability shift

As of October 2015, you will no longer be responsible for charge backs as long as you have the customer pay with a chip card.

Help protect your customers and fight fraud at the point of sale.


Accept mobile payments and speed the line

On the same device, you can accept tap-and-go payments from customers who are using Apple Pay, Google Wallet, and other contact-less technologies from Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

Cloudwalk nfc

We cut the strings and the cords

We focus on supporting you and your business needs. Tell us what pain points we can remove in your business and we are happy to work with you.


No phone line required

High speed, wireless connectivity all across the US. Take your payment device wherever your business moves.


No lock-in contract

We do not lock you into a (big) contract or in any exclusivity agreement. We passionately take care of payments for you.


No cancel/breakage fees

You can cancel or change your plan at anytime. In case of cancellation, we will return your full deposit and the shipping cost.


No admin fees

We do not charge you any admin or setup fee. We believe in full transparency and in keeping our pricing as simple as possible.


No change in fees

We do not change the transaction fees once you start processing with us. Running a big traffic business? Contact us for the volume discount.


No integration fees

Freely integrate your payment device to any of the supported point of sale systems in our Marketplace. New point of sale systems can be added by request.

Join CloudWalk and start accepting payments from anywhere and in any form.

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