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An open plug and play payment network and platform, certified and trusted by acquirers, PSPs and sub-acquirers worldwide

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Plug and Play Platform

From planning to deployment, we offer consulting services, training and all the necessary support for the success of your payment operation

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Visa and MasterCard

The platform is certified for both Visa and MasterCard brands, and your solution can be automatically integrated to perform debit and credit transactions.

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From the dashboard to the POS terminal, the CloudWalk structure is in compliance with payment industry standards, such as EMV, PCI-DSS and PA-DSS.

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Multiplatform (POS)

The same solution can be used in more than 16 POS terminals approved on the CloudWalk platform. You decide which device to use.

Reliable, practical and modern

CloudWalk benefits

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Open platform

Enable other applications from our Marketplace, such as Bticon, and do more with your POS terminal.

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Efficiency and economy

Increase your efficiency and reduce your costs by remotely updating your solutions on your POS terminals.

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Simplified management

Manage your whole operation and analyse online reports through simple and intuitive dashboards.

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Artificial intelligence

24x7 monitoring that uses artificial intelligence to detect anomalies and unexpected events in your POS network.

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Real-time information

Browse in real-time the traffic on your network, between your POS terminals and your endpoints.

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Premium support

Questions? Get in contact with us and you will be delighted! You will not find better treatment anywhere else.

All market segments

The CloudWalk platform captures all market segments. Any solution involving POS terminals can be implemented on the CloudWalk platform.

Tickets for Events

Ticket Management for Events

Many customers are already using the CloudWalk platform to manage the sales process including issuing and validation of tickets directly from their POS terminals.

Take full control of your business rules, customizing the application in the best way possible to meet your needs.

Prepaid Cell Phones

Prepay Management for Mobile

Offer your customers the ability to recharge their prepaid cell phones directly from the POS terminal, defined by the values offered by your network operators.

Add more value to your POS terminal, maximizing the attraction of your point-of-sale while still earning a commission from network operators and prepay partners.

Private Label

Private Label Card Management

Enable your private label card system on any POS terminal. Whether it is a gift card, loyalty card, electronic benefits card, white-label credit card, or any other custom payment card, you can enable them all.

In addition to your point of sale terminal accepting all of your products and cards, you still have payments certified and approved by Visa and MasterCard brands.

Any kind of application for POS terminals

Crypto Currencies (Bitcoin, Ripple, litecoin, etc), Correspondent Banking (CORBAN), Accounts Issuing (Barcode), Gift Vouchers (Gift Cards), Shipping & Handling Cards, Prepaid Cards, Benefit Cards (e.g. Meal Allowance), Valet & Parking Management, Prepaid Parking, Points & Loyalty Cards, Gas Vouchers, Cheque Validation (CMC7), Credit Check, Tax Services, Cashback, Deliveries, Tokenised Payments, Inventory & Stock Management, Restaurant & Bar Billing Systems, Currency Exchange, etc.

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