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HQ in São Paulo

InfinitePay POS increases its firepower in more than R$2 billion

CloudWalk, the owner of InfinitePay, raised R$2.1bi in a new fund structured with Genial and Itaú banks

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InfinitePay is releasing free Pix transactions to all its clients

The company aims to raise its market share to 20% in the next two years

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How the unicorn CloudWalk wants to double its size in 2022

The startup just announced the emission of a new FDIC valued in R$2.1 billion


CloudWalk generates an economy of more than R$1 billion in fees for its clients

The company assures it will keep offering the best fees despite the increase of the Selic index

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Payment startup CloudWalk becomes the new brazilian unicorn

The company is the second to reach the market value of US$ 1 billion in november


Brazil's CloudWalk valued at $2.15 bln after Coatue-led investment

The shift to online shopping during the COVID-19 pandemic and an internet boom has led to Latin America becoming a hotbed for fintech growth. CloudWalk’s new round of investment brought the total capital raised to $365 million

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The InfinitePay POSs are already worth US$ 2,1 billion. Now, here comes the blockchain

CloudWalk - the owner of the InfinitePay POSs - just raised US$150 million in a round that evaluted the company in US$2,1 billion

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Brazilian CloudWalk reaches a valuation of US$2.150 billion after investment round led by the Coatue

The brazilian fintech, that integrated blockchain and artificial intelligence, gathered US$ 150 million in the latest investment round and will use the funds to invest in its product portfolio and hire new talents

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POS startup CloudWalk becomes the latest brazilian unicorn after US$ 150 million input

The company wants to compete against PagSeguro, Stone and Cielo with smaller timescales for entrepreneurs while betting in blockchain to modernize the payment system

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CloudWalk raises US$ 150 million in round led by the Coatue fund

CloudWalk’s new US$ 150 million round of investment comes just 6 months after capturing US$ 190 million in the previous one

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Focused on SMEs, the fintech CloudWalk is the newest brazilian unicorn

In the last 24 months, the startup grew above 5000% and processed more than US$ 2,4 billion in transactions a year


New brazilian unicorn: fintech takes smart POSs, blockchain and cryptocurrencies to retail

CloudWalk gathered an investment that evalued it at US$2,15 billion. The next step is to take the payment solutions to the United States and Europe


With CloudWalk, cashback is in cryptocurrency

The fintech, which owns InfinitePay, will distribute R$ 1 million a month in stablecoin

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Card receivables attract innovation

Having the receivable chamber is quite an opportunity. The information about receivable warranties is fundamental in the decision of whether and how much credit we can grant. To assure this data become public brings great competitive advantages


A milestone in Brazil's payments acquiring

Cloudwalk, a startup accelerated by visa in 2018, has already made its mark in the history of the acceptance market in Brazil. in three years, the company already circulates in 4,300 more than cities.

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InfinitePay promises new credit and payment methods

InfinitePay is the solution chosen by more than 113,000 entrepreneurs spread across more than 4,300 cities throughout Brazil. The company's main highlight are the low rates compared to what is offered by the competition.

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CloudWalk has a global ambition, and now R$ 1 Billion in cash

CloudWalk - the payments company that operates the InfinitePay POS terminal - raised the largest Series B in the history of Brazil, according to data from the Pitch Book, putting US$ 190 million in cash to accelerate its strategy of capturing customers by charging rates considerably lower than those competition.

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CloudWalk Announces US$190M Series B Financing Round

CloudWalk, the São Paulo-based payment technology network, today announced that it has raised US$190 million in Series B funding led by Coatue, with participation from DST Global and existing investors such as FIS, The Hive Brazil and Valor Capital. Today's announcement brings the Company’s total capital raised to US$206 million.


How good is the InfinitePay POS?

InfinitePay is a payment solution launched by CloudWalk, a fintech based in Brazil and Silicon Valley. The company offers fees up to 80% lower than its competitors. InfinitePay has support for all card networks, enabling purchases of up to 12 installments.

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Another fintech enters the POS war

For InfinitePay's kickoff, CloudWalk raised R$ 25 million in an investment round in 2018. The proposal is to offer lower fees than those practiced in the market.


The war continues

The payments sector has gained a new strong player. CloudWalk is negotiating a round of investments, intending to expand the use of InfinitePay.

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Is InfinitePay the card machine with the lowest fees?

A complete overview of InfinitePay's pros and cons. In summary, despite stating that the brand is not yet well known, it concludes that InfinitePay's services are worth a shot, given its low fees.

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US fund provides R$ 6 billion to Brazilian blockchain payments company

The anticipation fee for a purchase of 12 installments is 7.45% of the total value, compared to something around 35% and 40% of other competitors in this market. We want to normalize the market, bringing down the cost of anticipation, Luis Silva said.


New Brazilian digital bank will have a machine that confirms card transactions with blockchain

InfinitePay brings digital solutions to the POS, using blockchain technology. It is the bridge that takes the traditional and analog environment of the point of sale and transforms it into digital", declared James Aviles, one of the investors in the idea.


Brazil to win new digital bank offering blockchain POS terminals

CloudWalk will operate in the Brazilian market with InfinitePay, a payment solution, which has a blockchain-based system that confirms the transactions, reduces operating costs and time in the transactions.

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Silicon Valley fund invests in low cost merchant acquirer

Silicon Valley fund (The Hive) provides R$ 6 billion to low-cost merchant acquirer. The bet is being placed on InfinitePay, from fintech CloudWalk.

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InfinitePay - The POS "from the future" has arrived

The payment solution of the future is here: CloudWalk entered the payment industry with InfinitePay, with the lowest fees, the company intends to dominate the market that already has Cielo, PagSeguro among other giants.


CloudWalk: POS terminal is a commodity

CloudWalk, a POS interface startup, decided to launch its machine on the market, betting on low prices for a service it believes to be a commodity.

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InfinitePay wants to be the nuclear bomb

At the payment industry warzone, InfinitePay aims to be the nuclear bomb. The company is revolutionizing the Brazilian Payments Industry with exponential technology such as blockchain and AI, to help millions improve their lives with better solutions.


CloudWalk's pitch was elected the best of the day

The 14 startups participating in the first round of the Visa Acceleration Program of 2018 concluded yesterday the process that they went through since April with mentorships, learning, and five of them in an advanced stage, a month of immersion in Silicon Valley.


Visa Announces Finalists for Visa Everywhere Initiative

CloudWalk and Virtus were chosen as the two most innovative startups in the Visa Everywhere Initiative semifinal that took place in São Paulo. The Visa Everywhere Initiative is a global open innovation program.


Startups from Visas Program Introduce New Products

The 14 startups participating in the first round of the Visa Acceleration Program of 2018 concluded yesterday the process that they went through since April with mentorships, learning, and five of them in an advanced stage, a month of immersion in Silicon Valley.

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CloudWalk selected for Visa acceleration program

Visa has defined the 5 companies that will be part of the program, which lasts for five months. The winning companies are BLU365, Celcoin, CloudWalk, and LaPag.


Banco 360 and CloudWalk close partnership

Banco 360 and CloudWalk, a prominent player in the payments industry, announced an innovative partnership that will bring facilities and new technologies to 14 Brazilian states and more than two million customers.

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Fintech: a new model for financial services

How about your next bank account being offered by a fintech startup? If you are still not aware of the new financial services proposal, we will present it to you and explain why it is the best option for the individual microentrepreneur.

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AI revolutionizes the payments market

The national capital, whether it's financial or knowledge, generated good business for Brazilian startups, mainly in the segment of solutions for connecting payment platforms with networks of acquirers and gateways.

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AI revolutionizes the payments market

CloudWalk, which was born with the proposal to create the "PayPal" of POS machines (point of sale) is a good example of what happens in technological capital in the Brazilian industry.

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Fintech: where is the real opportunity in Brazil?

News say that fintechs will wipe banks out of the map. It is not quite like that. We have a highly regulated market, full of rules that hinder innovation in a way.


Innovation: CrossFit and BitCoin

It's undeniable that the growing popularity of the main and best-known cryptocurrency in the world is really happening in Brazil.

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The Store Of The Future

Companies are using technologies like wearables, augmented reality, and beacons to bridge the gap between digital and physical shopping.

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Cloudwalk wins innovation award in Turkey

CloudWalk was announced as the big winner of the Global Payment Award, by PayExpo, in the "Security" category in Istanbul.

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The 10 new payment companies that shake the market

The fintech market is on fire in the world, and it is no different in Brazil. Some companies that are gaining space in the payments market in Brazil, do not even have 3 years of life. Some even fight with giants that have been in the ecosystem for decades.

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CloudWalk represents Brazil in the USA

The event, held in Las Vegas, USA, will bring together more than 10,000 participants with the presence of more than 1,000 CEOs, 550 speakers, more than 3,000 companies from 75 countries, and Brazil has a representative on stage: CloudWalk!

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Technology on behalf of the payments market

The importance of improving the payment system in Brazil is growing. Bearing in mind that credit cards, other electronic and virtual media, are the most used and practical, as they make it possible to carry out various types of transactions, we should expect a good range of new companies to emerge and solve problems.

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The Plug and Pay Industry

The payments industry in Brazil has been changing over the years, after the scenario started to receive new players, encouraged by the opening of a market, which before, governed by only two "conductors" of this industry, was somewhat shy about offering aggregate services and solutions.

Ruby kaigi 2014

RubyKaigi - Development Platform for Payments

This is a presentation given by Thiago Scalone and Daniel Rodriguez about CloudWalk and mruby. It describes how CloudWalk managed to improve tests, speed up the port of new devices and increase the overall development experience.

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The startup that wants to revolutionize the POS

When you make a purchase using a credit or debit card, the merchant usually swipes your card through a machine, where you also enter your password. This machine is called POS (Point of Sale). From this opportunity, CloudWalk, a platform in the cloud for the development and distribution of apps for POS, is born.