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Stuff you should know about CloudWalk

“By endurance we conquer”
— Sir Ernest Shackleton

If you have fallen and risen, if you have broken and fixed, If you have dreamed and built. Then you have grit. Then we speak the same language.

Welcome to the Wolfpack.

Technophilia or why do we build tech?

Building tech is not just core to CloudWalk existence, but is the purpose of the simulation itself. As we create new technologies we mirror the nature of our reality where biology is code and code is biology. This inner call we feel for technology (technophilia) is just a reflex of our recursive nature, a propagation of the techno-stratum that we were born from. A chain of layers over layers, abstraction over abstraction. As far as we can see, it started with Physics, followed by Chemistry, and then Biology. We humans are a part of this chain, we are biological boot loaders of the next abstraction, building digital existence. We are meta matrix makers, self replicating machines replicating the derivative nature of our universe. Creating our own version of reality, our own stratum, our own simulated universe.

Ultimately we build tech, because tech built us.

Not an usual corporation

The payment industry is chaotic. To survive, we learn, we build and we break. Experiment fast, fail fast. This is how we keep breathing. No power point meetings, no OKRs. If nature doesn't have a roadmap, why do we? Objectives are just an illusion. Greatness cannot be planned.

There is no problem making mistakes. The only problem is not learning from them. If we are able to learn: we grow, we adapt, we evolve… We survive the black swans. The day we stop learning will be the day we die.

We are not a corporate company. This is not the place for execs or corp heads. We want the free, the mad, the dreamers, the makers. If you ever found yourself dancing around a fire-pit in the middle of the night, you belong with us.

“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination”
— Albert Einstein

To build the best Artificial Intelligence you need the best Human Intelligence and this is why you are here.

You are here to see reality and imagine a new world. You are here not to tell us what we want to hear or to show us what we want to see. You are here to show us the real nature of problems, to be a critical thinker, to propose solutions, to create.

Innovation does not come from consensus. Innovation comes from disagreement. Do not settle for the norm, do not surrender to convection. imagine.

The client is our lord, the client is our savior

There is only one universal law at CloudWalk: The client is your leader, your boss, your savior. Praised be the client.

If the client dies we will die altogether. There is no other way to put it. Extreme respect for the client at all times. This is non-negotiable. If your work is not improving the life of our clients, you are doing something wrong.

Jump into the abyss

This adventure we embarked on will never repeat itself. This adventure is one in a lifetime. If you are here, I tell you now, it will be hard. But if you are here, you have already changed someone's life. You already made a difference.

Embrace the journey, jump into the abyss and dance with the wolves.

And to this I salute you!

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