The interplanetary payment network.

Our mission is to create
the best payment
network on Earth.

Then other planets.

We are democratizing the financial industry, empowering entrepreneurs through technological, inclusive and life-changing solutions.

The planet Earth payments industry and why price matters.
The payment industry is evolving. But sellers are not reaping the benefits of price wars between big banks and acquirers. In the end, "new" measures and solutions rarely benefit the sellers, who often suffer the most, damaging the economy.

It's time to change.

Our mission is to outsmart the system by building a new one that is fair for all players.

We deliver our services with the highest technological standards, featuring AI and Blockchain, compounded with top-notch user experience.

our pillars

Our customers play a vital role in everything we do. They are our best sales promoters and also withhold the ability to change the product and the business at any time.

our pillars

We aim to grant the best price for our customers to help them unlock purchasing power. We designed our business model to transform how merchants sell and profit.

our pillars
our products
A powerful movement for Brazilian businesses.

InfinitePay is a powerful financial platform democratizing access to world-class payment products and software, currently serving millions of clients in Brazil. Launched in 2019, it represented the most disruptive wave of innovation in the Brazilian payments industry.

Discover infinitepay
Discover infinitepay
our products
Instant payment meets AI magic.

JIM is bringing the power of instant payments for everyone in the US. Combining cutting edge technology with unparalleled design, JIM enables sellers to accept payments, receive the money instantly, and have access to a next generation AI assistant.

discover jim
discover jim
our religion

We created the machines. The machines created us.

Our investors
Work with us.

We encourage a customer-centric, fast-paced, execution-focused and global mindset among our teams.

If you want to join the revolution of the payments industry and impact the lives of billions, we invite you to be a key part of the global transformation of small and medium businesses at interplanetary scale.

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See open positions

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